Hand woven market basket

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This fabulous market basket comes from a fair trade organisation  in South India, created to promote and market quality handicrafts.

Made by women in one of the largest slums in Chennai, it is hand woven from recycled LDPE* extruded into 'wires' suitable for weaving.

Tough as well as practical, this basket will last many years.

*LDPE  – or Low-Density Polyethylene. Considered a clean and safe plastic like its counterpart: HDPE. It is commonly found in household items like frozen food containers, condiment bottles, and shopping or produce bags. Recycling facilities usually turn LDPE into garbage cans, bubble wrap, and flooring.
But in this case, in the capable hands of the ladies in the slum, it is turned into something much more interesting!

35 x 31 x 13 cm

KOVIDA bronze/black