• Dabu printing

    First, the fabric is washed in large pits. Dried cow dung and other natural soaps help remove the impurities in the fabric....
  • A tale of two torans

    As a part of The Cloth and Stone Tour of Gujarat, I take my guests to the village of the ladies who make Moti Bharat Kaam 
  • The weaver of Varanasi

    Neeruddin works as a weaver in the ancient city of Varanasi, India. He is teaching his five sons to be weavers and is working to send his only daughter to school.
  • The makers

    At Kasu, we like to know who made our goods.
    And we like to know that they are being paid a fair price for their work.
  • Afroza Khatun - Kantha artist

    Afroza Khatun (Papiya Begum) makes some of the most beautifully embroidered shawls you will find anywhere.