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    As you wander through the pages of my website, you may see references to a technique or a natural dye and a link to read more.  I have gathered the...
  • Dabu printing

    Dabu printing Dabu printing is an ancient hand block printing technique from Rajasthan, India. It is a labor intensive printing process and invo...
  • The 'blue gold' of India

    The indigo dyed fabrics in the Kasu collection are coloured using an ancient technique. First, the dye has to be extracted from the plant, and then...
  • Below Ahmedabad

    The eyes and the feet are drawn in and down with a sense of wonder. One would never guess from the streets above of the architectural treasures below.

  • Slow travel

    Traffic is different on the roads we travel – you might have to share the road with a nomad moving house with all her possessions atop a camel, an elephant being led somewhere, or a herder with his cattle or goats.

  • The weaver's hospitality

    This unassuming address at the end of dusty lanes through scrubby bushland produces amazingly beautiful textiles. We were shown some family archival pieces as well as some recent products, one piled on top of the other in a dizzying display as we tried to decide which ones we could not live without. 
  • A trip to Bagru

    Getting to Bagru village was a bit of a drama...
  • Shekhawati

    Waking up in the morning after a great night’s sleep in my luxurious palace bedroom in with beds so high, a footstool is provided, and a bathroom as big as my living room, I was ready to face a day of research in the Shekhawati area of northern Rajasthan.
  • In Bhuj

    Our base in Bhuj was the wonderful Bhuj House, a traditional Parsi courtyard house. Built in the late 1800’s, it has stayed in the family through...