Slow travel

What makes Kasu Tours different?

Our main point of difference is that we take a maximum of 6 guests.

  • We find that by keeping numbers small, we bond better as a group, becoming friends very quickly;

  • Low numbers allows us to stay in boutique hotels, family residences and havelis that can not accommodate larger groups;

  • Small numbers allow closer encounters with the people of India;

  • Each person in a small group gets more one-on-one attention from guides and in workshops.


    One-on-one attention at an embroidery workshop



 We travel in our own private 12 seater bus:

  • there is plenty of room for everyone, and their luggage. And their shopping.  And boxes of food for picnics, and the cooler full of water;

  • Everyone gets a window seat;

  • Having our own private vehicle also means that there is no waiting around at airports, railway stations and bus terminals: more quality experiences every day;

  • It also means we are more flexible if we want to make a detour or unscheduled stops.


    Roadside chai stall


  • Unscheduled stops often means surprising encounters. For example, we stopped for chai with this chai wallah and ended up being invited by the villages on a tour of their temples.

We take the less-travelled roads:

  • This means we spend less time in the bustling cities and more time exploring.

  • Traffic is different on the roads we travel – you might have to share the road with a nomad moving house with all her possessions atop a camel, an elephant being led somewhere, or a herder with his cattle or goats.


    Herder with cattle


  • Sometimes there is no traffic at all. Bliss.

We don’t rush (mostly):

  • You’re on holiday – you don’t want to rush from here to there. At Kasu Tours, we allow enough time for our guests to enjoy the days at a leisurely pace whilst packing in lots of sightseeing and activities.

  • Some days have scheduled rest or free time and some days are busy with activities. Guests can always opt out the action if they need more free time.

  • We stay in our accommodations for at least two nights and up to 4 or 5 nights in some places.

Outside the city, traffic is a little slower


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