Hand embroidered drawstring bag from recycled textiles

Hand embroidered drawstring bag from recycled textiles

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For those who remember the 70s with a fondness for cheesecloth and embroidery, for the aging hippy, the nouveau hippy or just those who appreciate authentic tribal textiles: this is the real deal!

This great pre-loved drawstring bag is a fine example of Lambani tribal embroidery from ladies of the Lambani tribal group in Karnataka, India.

Like the lines on an old face, any 'flaws' or mends in the fabric are a testament to and a celebration of its age.

This drawstring bag is fully lined with four internal pockets. there are also some great little beaded tassels at top and bottom of the bag. It measures 30cm high and 29cm wide laid flat with a square inset base.

We only have a small supply of these reincarnated bags and each is unique, so if you can't resist the celebration of decoration and the marks of the hands that made them, hurry to the checkout before they are all gone.

Being hand made, there may be minor variations in colour and design.
We take great care in photographing our products, but please be aware that minor differences in colour may occur between our camera and your monitor.

 Only one in stock.