The Makers

At Kasu, we like to know who made our goods.

A lot of our stock has been purchased directly from the makers. After years of research and travels in India, we now have a great network of makers and not-for-profit organisations that support them.This has become more difficult - but not impossible - in the time of Covid19 with travel restrictions in place.

But increasingly, there are wonderful not-for-profits and businesses in India who buy directly from the makes too.  They adhere to fair trade principles and hand made products.

From one of our suppliers, a winner of the first national award for hand-looms marketing (eCommerce) by ministry of textiles, govt of India. :

"We connect India's artisans, weaver co-operatives and clusters directly with consumers across the world. 
Our national award winning global platform brings together handloom, handicraft artisans and cooperatives, delivering authentic handmade products, ensuring fair prices for both buyer and seller.

Our dream is to create and support sustainable livelihoods for India’s 9 mil weaver and artisan community, while promoting handmade, natural and sustainable products to consumers globally. crafting the change we want to see in the world, together."

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Happy reading!